Structure-aware visual diff for JSON


Differson is a file comparison tool for JSON that runs on Windows. It is aware of the structure and syntax of JSON, and is able to ignore textual differences that are syntactically meaningless such as the ordering of fields within an object, while detecting differences that are structurally important such as moving an object from an array into another enclosing object.


  • Displays the tree structure with different icons to indicate adds, deletes, moves, updates
  • Parses the JSON syntax and structure before performing comparisons
  • Syntax coloring with indentation and user-selectable colors
  • Synchronized scrolling
  • Ability to save formatted output to HTML
  • Detects movement of groups of elements


    results tab

    Formatted JSON differences, with syntax coloring and different highlight colors to indicate adds, deletes, moves, and updates

    unformatted tab

    This shows the unformatted JSON text as it was read from the files. If "Literal equality for numbers" is selected, numbers will be compared based on their textual representation instead of their mathematical values. For example, the numbers 1234, 1234.00, and 1.234e3 are all mathematically equal but would be treated as different values if literal equality is selected.

    settings window

    User-configurable settings including colors for syntax coloring and difference highlighting

    tree tab

    The tree structure of the JSON files, with icons to indicate differences


    html results

    HTML file with formatted JSON and highlighted differences

    Differson is still in the beta stage. For more information, please send your questions and feature requests to